Bible Studies

Bible Studies Photo

We have several opportunities for ongoing formation at St Thomas. Many of our Small Group Ministries also include Bible study as a part of their time together.

In addition, our Adult Formation program often includes Bible studies as one of the options for meeting on Sunday mornings.


Education For Ministry, or EFM, is a well-respected program that is often described as “the closest thing out there to layperson seminary!” The program covers four years in small groups and is led by trained facilitators. Our EFM program has a page with further information here.

If you are interested in more information about EFM, please contact the parish office at 913-451-0512.


Thursday Bible Study (Fall – Spring)

Fall through Spring, this group meets at St Thomas, every-other Thursday morning from 10:00 am until noon. They tackle Bible books and occasionally take on other readings together, such as C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity. To learn when the next meeting is, please call the parish office at 913-451-0512!