Education For Ministry, or EFM, is a well-respected program that is often described as “the closest thing out there to layperson seminary!” It represents a serious commitment, and members of EFM groups often find one another to be close companions on their spiritual journeys, and lifelong friends in their church communities. The program is run by Sewanee seminary and allows participants to dive deeper into faith, the Bible, Christian history and how our lives are connected to it all. A full EFM course of study lasts four years, and more information is available here.

The program covers four years (Old Testament, New Testament, History and Philosophy) and meets Fall to Spring in small groups. It is led by trained facilitators. We often offer an opportunity in the Spring or Summer to experience a sample EFM course on Sunday morning so anyone interested can try it out before signing up for the next Fall’s program.

To read a testimonial from Chuck Brough, a St Thomas EFM alumnus, on what the program has meant to him, please Click Here.  If you are interested in more information about EFM, please contact the parish office at 913-451-0512.