God and Country Religious Emblems

“God and Country” is a program designed to assist developing young people come to a more complete understanding of their individual relationship to GOD, FAMILY, CHURCH and LIFE.

This program and emblem are available to ANY INTERESTED CHILD, but also happen to be affiliated with and encouraged by mainline scouting organizations including Scouts B.S.A., Girl Scouts, American Heritage and Campfire U.S.A.  The Episcopal Church program is consistent with the protestant

The following programs will be offered during this program year (based on enrollment):

Jesus & Me (Grades K-1)

God & Me (Grades 1-3)

God & Family (Grades 4-6)

Our 2019-2020 “God and Country” programs will be offered in the late winter of 2020 (expected around mid-February).  Please stay tuned for updates!

For more information, contact Barbara McCall, Director of Children & Family Ministries at bmccall@stthomasop.org.