Construction Update October 28, 2012


Bye bye kitchen cabinets and sink counter! Off to be useful somewhere else.

The kitchen is bare bones now, ready for demo on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012.  All supplies and equipment have been moved temporarily to alternate storage areas in other parts of the building.


The mechanical room next to kitchen is now empty and ready for demolition on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012. Les G. moved phone lines in ceiling, and here he is stripping phone wires from wall and will eventually move the phone system panels.  Meanwhile the phone company moves the phone lines.


Update October 20, 2012

This week the sheathing on the exterior walls will be installed.  The drywall contractor has begun to erect the metal studs for the interior walls.  The plumbing contractor will start the plumbing tough-in in the kitchen and bathrooms.  The gas main and new electrical transformer will have been installed.  The ceramic floor tile in the narthex will be removed October 29.  This will be a noisy and dusty process for a couple of days.  If the main entries are blocked, please enter through the existing parish hall (Assembly Room) door.

On the exterior, the contractor will pour the slabs in the parking lot islands. The old driveway has been removed.  Sealing and stall striping of the parking lot will be accomplished in the spring.                  

Weldon Fate
Building Chairman


Update October 7, 2012

 The structural steel for the Parish Hall is almost completed.  This work will be followed by structural metal studs and sheathing for the exterior walls. Framing for the windows and doors will be done as the metal studs are installed. Exterior brickwork will commence once the structural studs and sheathing are in place.

The parking lot should be paved the week of October 8th.

Work will continue on the walls and roof of the Sacristy during the next few weeks.

On October 8 the ceilings in the Kitchen and Narthex will be removed to make room for the new heating and air conditioning ductwork. The overhead lights will remain functional and we will be able to use the Narthex. The kitchen will be closed on October 29th. The walls and floor tile in the Kitchen and Narthex will then be removed. Temporary plastic partitions will be installed which will allow us to continue with our regular church services.

The kitchen cabinets will be coming out end of month.  If you are interested or know of someone who might be, they will need to be removed by October 26.  A donation to the church is requested.  Call Weldon Fate 402-6855 or Linda Manuel 438-7407.


Update September 23, 2012

This coming week the contractor will asphalt the new driveway and sewer line excavations.  If you come to the church Monday through Friday, be aware that you may not be able to park next to the church as before, but rather near the existing driveway entrance.  Look for cones to alert where you must not enter.

After the asphalt is poured, the new driveway will be open.  The old driveway will be torn up at the end of the week.  Take care when you drive in from 123rd Street and when you drive on the new paving.  Also be watchful of the new islands which are along both sides of the existing north/south island in the middle of the parking lot. 

The second phase of asphalting will be the new parking areas where the storage shed is located, and also northwest of the church near Antioch Rd.

The floor slab of the parish hall has been poured, and structural steel framing is scheduled to start on Monday.

The playground has been completed.

Remember, drive carefully on the new asphalt and take care around the new curbs.  The lot will be re-striped in the near future.

Weldon Fate,  Building Chairman

Update September 12, 2012

This week the contractor is going to pour the concrete curbs for the new islands in the parking lot and will asphalt the new driveway and sewer line excavations next week.

We can use the existing parking lot this week, but be watchful of the new islands which will be along both sides of the existing north/south island in the middle of the parking lot.  There will also be new parking areas on the north end where the storage shed is located.  You will be able to drive on the new paving with care.  The new driveway will be opened next week.  Take care when you drive in from 123rd Street.

The grease interceptor and sewer line have been installed on the Antioch side of the Church.  Weather permitting, the floor slab of the parish hall will be in place this week.  Structural steel framing is scheduled to start on Monday.   

The playground will be completed by the end of next week.

Remember, drive carefully on the new asphalt and take care around the new curbs.  The lot will be re-striped in the near future.

Weldon Fate,  Building Chairman


Update September 9, 2012

This week has been an organized mess.  The storm sewer that cuts across the parking lot is complete and the trenches are filled with gravel so that we can drive over them.  The contractor will pave the storm sewers excavations, and the new driveway as soon as all ditching is complete and the weather is dry for a few days.  At this time they are working on removing the brick from the exterior south wall. The reason this is done at this time is to ensure that the new floors will match the old floor level.  As soon as the interior area of the new parish hall is dry, we will see that floor slab being poured.  We have started work on the Sacristry with plumbing and footings.  The floor slab there will be poured soon.  The foundation for the playground has also been completed.  More to come.

Weldon Fate
 Building Chairman

Construction Update August 20-27, 2012

We are making progress.  The concrete footings and granular subbase for the new Parish Hall have been completed.  The next step will be low perimeter concrete walls.  The structural steel frame should be started by the end of next week.  We will be able to see the actual shape of the building.  The contractor has removed the playground equipment and the concrete slab on the North side of the existing building.  They will start the foundation for the Sacristy next week.  The new playground will be adjacent to the existing Nursery.  We will provide a new door from the Nursery onto the playground.

This week the Utility Contractor has started the storm sewer which will cut through the parking lot from the new Parish hall to the Northeast corner of the parking lot.  The utility contractor will fill any ditches with gravel as they go and the trenches will be paved when all the storm lines are in place.  We also plan to complete the new driveway and add a few new parking spaces next week.  When the new drive is completed the existing driveway will be removed.

The contractor will not remove the existing kitchen until the Parish Hall is almost completed.

Weldon Fate, Building Chairman

Construction Progress Report August 7-12

The contractor has finished grading the new driveway and will install curbs and the concrete approach this week. They will then install the asphalt paving on that entrance and we will start using it in place of our old 123rd. Street driveway.  The completion of this driveway should take a couple of weeks, depending on the weather.

They have completed the rough excavation of the building and will start the concrete footings this week.  The reinforcing steel and anchor bolts for the structural steel frame have been delivered.  The Soil Inspection Co. will test the earth for stability this week and the contractor can start pouring concrete.

The Gas Service Co. and the Kansas City Power and Light Co. have met with the contractor and have decided where the new gas and electric services are to be located.  Both companies made the decisions of where the services are to be installed. 

The contractor installed temporary air conditioning units in the office areas.  They are not quite as good as our permanent air conditioning system, but they are satisfactory.

Please remember to stay out of fenced areas for safety reasons.

 Weldon Fate, Building Chairman