Building Update March 28, 2013

We are getting close to completion.  The latest snowfall will delay the cleanup and final grading of the site.  The landscape contractor and the irrigation contractor will begin work in April when the weather will be more cooperative.

The wood doors and door hardware will be delivered this week and installation of the doors will begin next week.  The paneling for the Parish Hall will be installed next week.  The remainder of the countertops and casework will be installed next week.  The carpenters  have installed the wood base in the Narthex and carpet will be installed this week.  The aluminum entrances are complete in the Narthex and the temporary door into the Office Area has been removed.  The broken window in the Parish Hall has been replaced.

The ceiling contractor is installing ceiling tiles throughout the project.  The sprinkler contractor is testing the sprinkler pipe system for any leaks and will install sprinkler heads this week.  The electrical contractor is installing light fixtures throughout the project.  Final painting and cleanup will take place next week.

The brick to finish the project has been made and is available for delivery when the weather clears.  The brick on the Antioch side will be completed as soon as weather allows.  The contractor will apply to the City of Overland Park for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy in the next few weeks.  We will be ready for the Bishop’s visit in May.


Francis Ames & Maryanna take a break from stuffing Easter bulletins

Francis Ames & Maryanna Nerney take a break from stuffing Easter bulletins.  Barbara Adam brought cookie bars for all the workers!

carpet laid in narthex compressed

Carpet being laid in Narthex on Thursday.

Construction Update – March 24, 2013

P1010059 comp

New doors and window installed at south entrance.

     We are almost there.  A few more weeks and our dream will be a reality.  In my opinion, our contractor, A. L. Huber and Bill Draney, their superintendent, have done an outstanding job.
     In the toilet rooms, fixtures, countertops and toilet partitions have been installed.  All that remains are the mirrors to complete these areas.  In the kitchen, the floors are finished and ceilings have been installed.  All the walls are covered with FRP plastic wall coverings or stainless steel (which is behind the stoves)  The sinks have been installed.  The kitchen equipment should be delivered this week.
     The Narthex floor has been leveled and is ready for carpet.  The ceiling grid, lights and heating/air conditioning grills have been installed.   Both entrances to the Narthex are complete.  The wood trim has been installed and the walls are painted.  The last things to finish in this area will be the ceiling tile and carpet.
     The Sacristry is almost complete.  The ceiling gird is complete and the walls have been painted.  The cabinets should be installed next week.  The doors and carpet will be the final finishes.
     The Parish Hall floor has been polished and looks great.  The ceiling grid is almost complete and light fixtures will be installed next week.  The wood paneling is scheduled to arrive next week and will be put in place.  The walls above the paneling have been painted.  Wood doors for the entire project are scheduled to arrive next week.
     The Plumbers, Electricians and Fire Protection Contractors are working throughout the project and should wind up their work in the next two weeks.  The Painters are working throughout the building and will finish very soon.  The last major work will be carpeting which should take place in the next few weeks.
     On the exterior, the grading contractor has begun to final grade the site to get ready for the Landscaping and Lawn Sprinkler work.  All sidewalks and curbs are complete.   A wood gate will be installed on the dumpster enclosure in the near future.  Plaster soffits at the top of the windows will be completed as the weather improves.  The sheet metal coping and facia over the doors will be finished in the next few weeks.  The mechanical screen on the Kitchen roof will be completed shortly.  The brick on the kitchen wall will be the final touch.  The brick is scheduled to be delivered around the first of the month.

Weldon Fate, Building Chairman

P1010056 comp

Stainless steel sinks in new kitchen.

Construction Update March 13, 2013

Sidwalk reconstruct compressed

Progress on sidewalk reconstruction.

We are getting closer to the end of construction.  All sidewalks and curbs should be completed this week.  This will allow the contractor to clean up around the building and begin placing topsoil in the landscape areas.  They will be able to finish grade the site in preparation for topsoil, sodding, seeding and landscaping.

The sidewalk to the Narthex from the main parking lot is complete and the last pair of vestibule doors will be installed.  The contractor has started to install millwork around the door frames in the Narthex and kitchen.   The sanding of the sheet rock has been completed and the walls are ready for finishing.

In the kitchen, the sinks have been delivered and are being installed.  The FRP wall coverings are completed.  The stainless steel wall covering behind the stoves has been installed.

In the Parish Hall,  the floor polishing should be completed and ready for sealer.  Acoustical ceiling work has begun and light fixtures will follow the ceilings.  They are starting to install wood trim in the Parish Hall.

Plumbing fixtures are being installed in the restrooms and kitchen.  Painting is proceeding throughout the building.  Doors amd hardware will be installed shortly.       

Weldon Fate, Building Chairman


Construction Update March 6, 2013

With the snow piled three feet high, there is not much going on outside.  The contractor will pour the remaining sidewalks and curbs when the snow melts.

On the inside, the tapers are finishing the Sacristy and painters have started painting there.  This will allow the contractor to clean up a lot of the mess in that area.  Acoustical ceilings will follow the painting.  They will then install the cabinets and doors.

The drywall contractor has completed all drywall and is almost finished with the taping in the Parish Hall.  The vestibules in the Narthex should be finished next week.  All metal doors have been delivered and are being installed.  The wood doors for the Parish Hall and Sacristy will be delivered in the next few weeks.  The bathrooms and pantries have floor tile and have been painted.  Plumbing fixtures will be installed in the restrooms this next week.  In the kitchen, FRP (plastic wall covering) is being applied.  The quarry floor tile in the kitchen and pantries is complete.  Sinks and sink compartments will be installed in the kitchen this week.

The main sidewalk to the existing entrance of the church will be demolished and redone March 11-13.  During this time, please use the Assembly Room door to enter the building.

The sodding, seeding and landscaping will be about the last thing to be done.

Weldon Fate, Building Chairman


Construction Update March 1, 2013

Looking into new sacristy from existing.

Looking into new Sacristy from existing.

The latest snow storms have prevented the Contractor from completing the sidewalks and curbs.  As soon as the snow melts, they will finish the remaining walks and curbs. 

The Junior Warden has been getting bids from Landscape Contractors to install our site watering system.  This work will be done later in the spring in conjunction with the sodding, seeding and landscaping.  As soon as the weather clears the site will be cleaned up and graded ready for sod and seed.

The Drywall Contractor will finish the sheet rock work in the Parish Hall this week and will begin taping the Parish Hall and Narthex.  They are presently taping in the Sacristry and will finish that work this week.  This will allow the painting and acoustical ceiling work to start.

The tapers will start working in the Parish Hall this week and should be finished in about one week

The tile installers will finish the kitchen floor this week.  The windows in the Narthex will be completed as the weather allows.

Everything is starting to come together. 

Weldon Fate – Building Chairman 


Construction Update February 18, 2013

The sidewalks are presently being installed as weather allows. Some of the walks at the new Narthex entrance have been poured. The sidewalk at the present entrance will be poured the week of Feb. 25. We will have to use the entrance to the existing Parish Hall at that time. All curb work has been completed. When weather improves and the site has been cleaned up, the sodding and seeding will begin. The parking lot will be sealed and restriped in the early spring.

The temporary door between the existing and the new Sacristy has been installed. A new wood door will be installed at a later date. Sheetrock work is continuing in the Sacristy. The heating and air conditioning has been installed in this area..

The Glazing Contractor has started the windows in the Narthex. Aluminum doors for the entire project will ship next week and will be installed immediately. The sheetrock walls are installed in the Narthex and taping of all walls in the project should start next week.

The ceramic tile walls and floors in the restrooms are complete and the quarry tile floor in the Kitchen has been started.

Light fixtures are scheduled to arrive next month and will be installed then.

A new keying system has been ordered for the entire building (new and existing). New keys will be issued to those who need them at a later date. When the project is complete the office will advise when keys will be available.

Spring is coming and the weather should allow the Contractor to finish all work on schedule.

Weldon Fate, Building Chairman

Construction Update February 14, 2013

The weather is starting to improve and we will see more activity on the site. The contractor is pouring sidewalks and curbs on the Antioch side of the church. There is also a new sidewalk at the Sacristy. When all the walks and curbs are in, the site will be graded and made ready for landscaping and seeing later in the spring. The junior Warden is interviewing Lawn Sprinkler Contractors to secure prices for a watering system to be installed this spring.

 The sheetrock is almost complete in the Narthex and has been started in the Sacristy.

The quarry tile is complete in the Parish hall restrooms and has been started in the kitchen. The fire door between the Parish Hall and Narthex has been completed. Installation of windows in the Parish Hall is scheduled to start on Friday and should take about a week. The tracks for the folding partitions dividing the Parish Hall have been installed. The projection screens are scheduled for next week.

The project is on schedule to be completed in the early spring.

Weldon Fate, Building Chairman


Construction Update February 8, 2013

The excavator is removing the asphalt paving where the remainder of curbs will be placed. They are grading for the sidewalks that will be poured this week or next as weather permits. The excavator will then finish grade the site in preparation for sod and seeding. The trees will be planted later in the spring.

The masonry contractor is cleaning the brick on the Parish Hall. Installation of the windows will begin as soon as the masons complete the cleaning. The window frames are in town and the glass will follow immediately.

The ceramic floor tile has been delivered and a mockup has been laid for the Architect’s approval. Upon approval the tile in the kitchen and restrooms will be placed. Most of the drywall in the Parish Hall has been installed and is being taped. The drywall contractor will start installation of drywall in the Narthex this week. The electricians will have removed all the existing electrical systems from the existing Electrical Room and the new P1010006 compressedsystems will be utilized. We are preparing the opening from the Narthex into the Parish Hall. The overhead tracks for the folding partitions in the Parish Hall will be installed this week.

When the drywall work is completed in the Narthex, the contractor will sheet rock the Sacristy.    

Weldon Fate, Building Chairman

Construction Update – January 28, 2013

The contractor is sawcutting the asphalt paving on the Antioch side to prepare for curbs and sidewalks which will be started this week.  The sidewalks and finish grading will commence as weather permits.

The masonry contractor has installed all the red bricks that we had on site.  They have completed the masonry in all areas where the exterior doors and windows will be installed.  The red brick for the South and West walls of the kitchen will be installed in late March.  There are no doors or windows in those areas.  The final masonry work will take three to four days.

We are also making preparations to receive the windows for the Parish Hall which should arrive in the next few days.  The painter is painting the exterior exposed edges at the top of the windows openings.  The temporary window frames will be removed and the new windows and doors installed as the weather allows.  The contractor that will grind the polished floor is presently grinding the slab at the edge of the window openings so that when the windows are installed, they will not be damaged by the grinding of the remainder of the slab.  The polished slab will have a finish that looks like terrazzo.

The hardware contractor has met with Father Gar, the Architect and Weldon Fate and will soon have the new locks for both the Parish Hall and the existing church building.  The entire church building will have new locks and keys.

The painting contractor has started painting on the interior of the building.  The floor and wall tile for the toilet rooms has been delivered and will be installed shortly.

The electrical and mechanical rough in is basically complete.  Almost all the HVAC equipment has been installed and is operational.  The majority of the Electrical conduit has been installed.  Light fixtures will be installed after the ceiling grid has been completed.

In a few weeks the Contractor will begin the interior finishes in the building.

Weldon L. Fate, Building Committee Chairman

Construction Update January 25, 2013

Masonry work by the south entrance

Masonry work by the south entrance

The brick manufacturer has been overhauling the kilns in their plant this winter. The plant will reopen the first of March and the remaining brick for our project will be at the jobsite by the third week in March. When the weather permits, it will take less than a week to complete all the masonry. The contractor will be working on other exterior work such as landscaping, sidewalks and curbs as the weather permits.

Heating and Air Conditioning units have been installed in the Sanctuary and drywall work is proceeding. The rough-in electrical work there is mostly complete. A thirty-gallon water heater has been installed above the ceiling in the Sanctuary. This will provide hot water for the sinks in the Sacristy.

In the Parish Hall, sheetrock work is complete in the kitchen and bathrooms. The Drywall Contractor is installing sheetrock in the Parish Hall. Windows and doors have been measured and will be installed in the near future. The electrical rough-in for the audio/visual system in the Parish Hall has been installed.

Metal studs, electrical and mechanical rough-in is mostly complete in the Narthex. Sheetrock work in the Narthex will commence as soon as the Parish Hall sheetrock is done.       

Weldon L. Fate, Building Chairman