Construction Update January 18, 2013


Electricity being installed in the new Sacristy.

The dark brick is complete on the Parish hall and will be cleaned when the weather is warmer. The lighter red brick for the kitchen and narthex has been ordered and will be installed as weather permits.

The windows and doors have been measured and ordered and should be installed sometime in February. The coiling fire door that separates the parish hall and kitchen from the narthex has been installed. This door is required by fire code to separate the parish hall from the narthex in case of fire. The grease hood over the ovens, stove, and griddle has been installed and has been connected to the grease trap. The hood and grease trap are required by the city for our kitchen.

The metal studs and sheathing on the exterior narthex walls should be finished next week.

When the temp improves, the sidewalks and curbs in front of the parish hall will be installed.

We have retained the services of an Audio/Visual consultant to design the Visual & Sound systems for the parish hall. We will have large ceiling mounted projection screens in the two larger sections of the parish hall. This will make our meetings more enjoyable.

Finish grading will be done in the spring and trees and grass will be planted as weather allows.

Weldon Fate

Construction Update January 4, 2013

There has not been a lot of activity the last two weeks.  The weather has prevented any outside masonry or other exterior work and interior work has been interrupted by the holidays.

However, the craftsmen have been working inside a heated building.  We have heat in the Narthex so our coffee meetings after services will not be quite so cold.  The offices now have permanent heat.

The Drywall Contractor is installing sheet rock in various parts of the new wing.  The Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical Contractors are all installing work that is being covered with sheet rock and acoustical ceilings.  The Drywall Contractor is working on the ceiling in the

We have had various meetings selecting the equipment for the kitchen and audio visual equipment for the Parish Hall.
Weldon L. Fate, Building Chairman

Construction Update December 19, 2012

The concrete pad for the dumpster enclosure and the adjacent pad have been poured. We can drive on those padshallway in new building Dec 19 2012 compressed now. The sidewalks on 123rd St. are finished.

The brickwork is being completed on the Parish Hall and will continue on the kitchen area. The brick on the Parish Hall itself is darker so that the Parish Hall will stand out as a newer part of the church. The new brick on the existing entrances and Narthex will be a lighter color to match our existing building. The masonry on the Sacristy is complete and matches the existing building.

The contractor is installing sheetrock in the kitchen area. They are also framing the sheetrock ceiling at the perimeter of the Narthex. The Narthex floor has been levelled and a finish coat will be applied prior to laying the new carpet.

Blocking for the new plywood walls in the Parish hall has been installed. Temporary windows and doors have been installed so that work can continue during the winter. The contractor is supplying temporary heat in the new building.

Ductwork, plumbing and electrical work are progressing in the Parish Hall and Kitchen.

More next week.

Weldon L. Fate,
Building Chairman

Construction Update December 13, 2012

The Excavator is grading around the site and spreading topsoil so we will be able to see how the landscaped and grass areas will look in the spring.  The sidewalks along 123rd and the concrete pad in front of the dumpster enclosure will be completed this week.

Brickwork and roofing are complete on the Sacristy.  Brickwork is continuing on the Parish hall and will be finished as weather permits.  The window and door openings have been closed with temporary plastic closures.  This allows the contractor to heat the new building and interior work can be completed..

They are installing sheetrock in the kitchen and restrooms this week.  The fire protection lines have been run in the Parish Hall.  The Plumbing, HVAC and electrical Contractors are all working in the Parish Hall.  The electrical room has been sheetrocked and painted to allow electrical panels to be installed.

The sub floor in the existing Narthex has been levelled and cured. Feel free to walk on this floor.

The new parking lot lights have been installed and will be operational soon.

Weldon L. Fate, Building Chairman

Construction Update December 6, 2012

The Masonry Contractor has completed the brickwork on the North side of the Parish Hall and is presently working on the high wall of the building on the West side. They will move to the Sacristy next as the Sacristy is on the North side of the church and it will need to be completed before the cold weather arrives. They will then return to the Parish hall to complete the brickwork.

The roofs on the Parish Hall and Kitchen are complete except for gravel which will be applied this week. The roof on the Sacristy will be completed in the near future.

Sheetrock is being applied in the mechanical and electrical rooms so that the electrical panels can be installed and permanent power can be turned on. The hot water heater that supplies the entire church will also be installed. Ductwork is being installed in the Parish Hall.

Sidewalks along 123rd Street will be completed this week and we can remove all the warning signs. The City Inspector discovered that the existing sidewalks sloped at a greater degree than the building code allows. Therefore we were required to replace them. The trash enclosure concrete pad will be placed as will the steel gate posts at the enclosure.

Temporary plastic windows and temporary doors will be installed in the Parish Hall and Kitchen so that the contractor can provide temporary heat for the interior work.

The building is starting to look very good. 

More later—Weldon L. Fate, Building Chairman

Construction Update November 21, 2012

The light pole bases have been poured around the parking lot and the light poles should be installed this week. We will seal and stripe the parking lot in the spring when all the heavy work is completed. We will be installing new sidewalks along 123rd St. in the near future.

The waterproofing contractor should be spraying the final coat of waterproofing on the exterior walls this week. The brick layers have started masonry work. They will complete the brick work on the dumpster enclosure and should start on the building masonry next week. We hope the weather holds so that we can complete this work quickly. The Sacristy should be roofed soon.

The metal stud work is mostly complete in the new building. The Plumber, Electrician and Fire Sprinkler Contractors are all working at this time.

The steel framing for the new windows on the south side of the Narthex has been installed. The glazing of the windows will be done when the masonry is complete.

More to come next week.

Weldon Fate – Building Chairman


Construction Update November 14, 2012

The asphalt paving in the parking lot is complete. We will have a net gain in parking spaces. We can park in the main lot or along the Antioch driveway. Both entrances to the Narthex will be open for Sunday services. The seal coat and parking stall striping will be done in the spring when all exterior work is complete. The Electrical Contractor has poured the light pole bases along the driveways and will be installing the light poles in the near future.

The waterproofing contractor has started waterproofing the exterior walls of the building. The finish waterproofing product will be sprayed on the exterior sheathing and should prevent any air of water leakage. When this work is completed, the masonry work will commence. The roofing contractor has started work on the roof. The Parish hall will be completed first and then the roof over the kitchen area will be installed.

The plumbing, fire protection and electrical rough-in work is proceeding on the interior of the building.

The Narthex will remain as it is for a few weeks.  The floor will have to be levelled before we can proceed with the finish work. Forgive us for the temporary inconvenience!

Weldon L. Fate—Building Chairman


Construction Update November 9, 2012

Roofing on the high roof of the Parish Hall is planned for next week.  The low roof and Sacristy roof will follow shortly.

Most of the final grading will start next week for the exterior parking lot lights.  The concrete bases and the light poles will be installed later.

The architect has approved the waterproofing installed on the mock-up and the contractor will begin waterproofing on the walls of the Parish Hall.  When waterproofing is complete, masonry can start.

When the roof is complete, ductwork and electrical conduit will be installed below the metal deck.

The noisy part of the schedule will take place in the Narthex when the plumber saws the slab to provide a ditch for the drain lines.  The slab will then be repaired.

The contractor has installed a temporary door from the Narthex to the offices in an effort to reduce dust and noise.

Weldon Fate
Building Chairman

Update November 4, 2012

The remainder of the parking lot is being prepared for asphalt.  The curbing is complete except at a couple of places where the Masonry Contractor will deliver the masonry materials. The missing curbs will be filled in when heavy equipment is gone.

The green siding will be complete by Friday. Once the siding is complete a sprayed waterproof coating will be applied to the exterior walls before the brickwork is started. The contractor is presently installing wood blocking at the roof edges and openings for mechanical units on the roof. They will be installing wood blocking at the windows. The roof will be installed in the next few weeks. Demolition in the narthex and kitchen is proceeding and will be complete in another week. New steel columns and beams will be installed to support the narthex roof once the walls have been removed.

The new electrical transformer is in place. The gas company has installed the gas meter so we will have heat in the new building in the future. The electrician will be installing light pole bases in the parking lot.

The plumbing contractor is roughing in the interior plumbing and roof drains. The gas line to the new building will be installed from the new meter. The heating and air conditioning contractor will be installing the duct work below the roof line in the new Parish Hall.

We appreciate the cooperation we experienced in the parking lot and grass areas last Sunday. We had a large attendance at the 10:00 service and the parking went well. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Weldon L Fate, Building Chairman


Construction Update October 28, 2012


Bye bye kitchen cabinets and sink counter! Off to be useful somewhere else.

The kitchen is bare bones now, ready for demo on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012.  All supplies and equipment have been moved temporarily to alternate storage areas in other parts of the building.


The mechanical room next to kitchen is now empty and ready for demolition on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012. Les G. moved phone lines in ceiling, and here he is stripping phone wires from wall and will eventually move the phone system panels.  Meanwhile the phone company moves the phone lines.